For the sake of Russia, stop Kremlin!
Revoke The Games
2008. Summer. Russian and English [ru/en] ?

... The question could asked -- why not to experiment on Americans?

The answer is that the American Experiment is going on, and rather successfully. We need the risky ones. Russia is perfect for the extreme experiments!

... I should leave Russia as my dream.

And this is the beginning of my journey to No-Place, The Utopia Project.

I leave behind everything, including myself.

That's why -- Russian and American Ideals in Ethiopian Millennium.


I only hope that it is crazy enough.

How crazy?

Very crazy.

Only madness can help me, I wrote somewhere.

Or should write it somewhere.

I am one of you and most likely it will be this way till I die.

And I am not.

It was true when I twelve and will be true the day I die.

I call one self of me -- American, the other -- Russian.

Did I confuse something? Americans are individualists, and Russians are the communal...

I guess, I talk about some other Americans and Russians...

You do not know them?

You will meet them, you who live two-three century later.


It's not a new book project, but a plcae for all my "Russian" projects. NEW :

... Project 2009 and the "New Russian Idea," or, should I say Ideal? The future nobility, the great divine between man and men. Yes, I still believe what I believe in 1975, I still do the same -- I live in the future. My own future and yours, too.

Where should I begin my long story?

... dreams and maybe a little.

I still have time. Maybe.


Third Life of me?

Eight hours every day -- that's my third life, I dreamed away...

How simple it was -- all I needed is to gave up on (real) Russia!

... and America!

And -- LIFE...

Chronology of my RU projects:

In 1995 after the disastrous trip to Ethiopia, i thought that I would chronic it and everything will come in the open. And Africa and, most important, Russia, my second coming and why it didn't work.

Rat [Russian American Theatre Project Archives} lead to Father-Russia, then -- Antohins...

Book of Fool


... and now what?

... notes

 Men Improve with the Years

      I AM worn out with dreams;
      A weather-worn, marble triton
      Among the streams;
      And all day long I look
      Upon this lady's beauty
      As though I had found in a book
      A pictured beauty,
      Pleased to have filled the eyes
      Or the discerning ears,
      Delighted to be but wise,
      For men improve with the years;
      And yet, and yet,
      Is this my dream, or the truth?
      O would that we had met
      When I had my burning youth!
      But I grow old among dreams,
      A weather-worn, marble triton
      Among the streams.

          William Butler Yeats

They won. I saw it with my own eyes. I swear. So many of them. Americans. In America, in Russia, in China, everywhere. We, the people, who insist on their right for happiness. Or persuade of happiness, at least.

What about me with my need for meaning?

Oh, I must be crazy. Or Russian. Or crazy Russian.

There is no room for them even in Russia.