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... The origins of my Utopia Project in the 1960s. But by 1968 everything was over. In Russia or the West. We [generation] gave up and they [majority] turn history back... How far back?

Important and interesting question.

"Cultural Revolution" or "Cultural War"?

That's for future historians to define.

I am just making notes about my life.

As a result of this invisible giant change in human history was coined the term "postmodernity"... oh, please!

The world didn't trust its children, the baby-boomers, it went into psedo-decolonization, China "cultural" revolution, Kmer-Ruge, and other fascist expression of neo-futurism...

Oh, well. Does it matter were to place the blame?

... -- New American 2? -- American Fool I. -- ?

I have to sort it out -- the places for Utopia Project...

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... will I manage to pull all my planned projects together?


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13:43, 16 августа 2008

Виктор Топоров: Но так глубоко не думают

Виктор Топоров: Но так глубоко не думают

В августе по Пятому каналу показали шедевр Сидни Люмета «Двенадцать разгневанных мужчин», а несколькими днями ранее в городе было объявлено о переименовании площади Декабристов в Сенатскую (согласно ее прежнему названию). Подробнее…

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