I have my Ethiopian 3-year plan, but future of my Russian Pages is unknown...
... read Project 2008 to understand Project 2009

New ID = ANT :

anatoly -- American

antohin -- Russian

anatolant -- webmaster

Notes: This is Russians in Russia, my RUSSIAN IDEA is for Russians without Russia. Of course, you don't have to be Russian to feel "Russian"! [Этот сон, мне приснившийся, есть одно из самых странных приключений всей моей жизни. -- Достоевский. "Подросток"]

... I am serious.

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After 2009 : LUL Stories

"The Russian Idea" -- crazy? Russian Ideal...

Yes. More than newamerican.biz...

One and Many, the dichotomy I live since remember myself. SELF vs. TECH [ nonfiction]

Reflecting on this in filmplus.org/album?

Do filmplus.org/anatoly and filmplus.org/ethio indicate the same duality?

To continue in blogline.com/blog/anatolant.

... antonis.vtheatre.net/literature -- is the place where to begin the journey to u21.us ?

dreams.vtheatre.net -- here ??

Do I know those spots in my web where the Utopia (Project) lives?

How to link them together? How to see what does exist already?

... anatoly.live.com & antohin.wordpress.com

anatolant.vox.com -- Virtual Theatre [blog]

New Russian (new American) speaks ... from Africa?
Russia and the Crisis: my POV:

Lies, delusions? Conceptual distortions? First, this crisis should tell us that our counting is wrong. Second, so-called global society or economy has places where people live on one dollar a day. How could it be, if it is "global"? Myths : "America is rich" (if each citizen of Ethiopia would have $30k of dept on average, would he be considered "rich"?) Is "foreign aid" an outlived idea?
Seems we still think that we are in the 20th century.
The real crisis is the lack of understanding of the real world we live in. Will this realization come from the Obama's White House?
So far not a sound. From anywhere.
Happy New Year.



... and my African Dreams

Project 2009

Will it be in Russian? I am forgetting English, after my stroke this "forgetting" never stopped.

And all those changes now!

... antohin.wordpress.com

Oh, folks, how can we complain? You, losers, never had it that good! You live like kings! Literary!

Of course, it's "2008 (CREDIT) Crisis" -- what did you expect?

But not the end of the American Dream!

Not at all. The future as bright as ever. Even for Africans!

Even for ones who shouldn't be alive.

Must I say what is the price to pay for this paradise?

Maybe not now, not here.

... Ethiopian Diary:


u21.us = Utopia Project :







Project from 2008 : diary'08 & kino

Dreams Project : u21.us "Utopia" -- filmplus.org/anatoly as anatoly.org

Sept. 11 2009 -- Addis Ababa Ethiopia -- filmplus.org/ethio


... face of RU
From Winter Fool

Sept. 3. 2008 : plans for the next year. [ 3-year plan ]


... How to understand it? I do not know. Another, 3rd life...

My 2009, Second Half : teatr.us :

[jumpcut.com video -- gone] A few words about LUL: the School of Russian Theatre... or just read my pages!

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dreams diary.vtheatre.net vs. filmplus.org/adiary : the battle of two languages in me is over? Without words. Stage. Pictures...

Painting again?

Oh, what a dream!

Will I have any time left from LUL even to write?

Dream on!

... anatoly.et, speak!

I can't hear you!


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