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This August was the last for Russia...

Last month, last year?

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Oh, it will take the rest of my life to explain it. ANT in Africa. Silence?

[ 0 ] short-story [ notes ] Бартовская формула "смерть автора" всегда казалась мне чересчур категоричной, хотя и эффектной. А вот "сон автора" будет, по-моему, в самый раз. * What about [ 1 ]?
Why "dreams"? How else can I call this place "My Russia"?

... August of 2008 8.1.08 And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour —Mark 15:33

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9.1.08 -- 2012, 2014...

The short story of Russia is known.

The long story is the story of RU in the third millennium. Is it possible to write history of the future? I remember my Soviet years; the communists thought that they own it, future and liked to plan it. That was the right attitude!

They had more problems with the past, they had to rearrange into better one to be in line with the known future.

What was their picture of future?

The communism, of course!

After the collapse of USSR the communists became modest, but not me -- I still think that future is known!

Read Father-Russia if you do not believe me, I am still writing it!

I will be doing it until I die. I know that I will.

I know that I'll die -- how about that proof of predictable future?

... And I did.

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